Tailor made success

– Outlook Business, Feb 15, 2014

Untitled-2Here’s an interesting story. It starts with a young man who grows up on a farm and then travels the world. A casual meeting with a friend when he’s in his 20s leads him to venture into business on a lark. It clicks and he…  Read more

My Turn: How to Keep Your Shirt

– Newsweek, Oct 30, 2006

I probably would have been a lawyer, like my father, if I hadn’t done a tour as a hippie first. I had just graduated from law school in the early ’70s when a friend who had just left the Peace Corps invited me to hit the road in California. I spent nine glorious months crisscrossing the United States. On my  way back to India I passed through London, where a friend convinced me that we could make a killing if I could supply him with 1,000 Nehru-style chees… Read more

The World’s Apparel Maker

– Mail Today, Jul 31 2012

IN MAY, when textile manufacturer and exporter Orient Craft snapped its ties with the German retail brand S. Oliver, it raised many eyebrows. Its founder and chairman Sudhir Dhingra was candid enough to accept that the company has put the retail venture on the backburner for the moment. As S. Oliver hardly fit into his scheme of things, it was better to part ways and focus on his next venture: a textile park.The textile park in Manesar will bring manufacturer… Read more

Building Leadership

– Friday Gurgaon, Oct, 2011

Untitled-3Starting with four employees in 1972, Sudir Dhingra today employs 26,000 people; and his company Orient Craft, runs 24 factories in the National Capital Region. The secret of this success, he says, is…  Read more

Business looks to Narendra Modi to defuse India’s jobs time bomb

– New York Times (Reuters), May, 2014
4GURGAON India (Reuters) – When Narendra Modi talks about creating jobs in labour-intensive manufacturing, textile entrepreneur Sudhir Dhingra hopes the Indian opposition leader means business…  Read more

Friend in need becomes top exporter indeed

– Tribune, Dec 27, 2009

It is a story which can inspire many a movie-maker. A Chandigarh-based fresh law graduate gets a call from his friend settled in the UK, seeking a favour. The NRI friend, who imports garments from India, is in trouble as some supplier has not honoured his commitment. The Chandigarh friend borrows money from his father, goes to Delhi and gets 1,000 shirts stitched and exports to his friend in need. A little … Read more

Sudhir Dhingra: Back From the Brink

– Forbes, April 16, 2010

“I was brought up in a fairly affluent family of educated farmers. My father was a lawyer; he had a good practice and lived quite well in Chandigarh. He wanted me to join the bar. But, for some reason, I am not inclined towards anything to do with paper. If my life depended on reading a hundred pages a day for a living, I couldn’t do that even to save my life,” he adds.So instead of becoming a lawyer, Dhingra flirted with success and failure as a… Read more