Designs and colours propel their presence in almost everything we do so why not make it extra special for this Valentine’s Day. Certain colours and designs specify unique moods and qualities. Your dress code can help you portray you moods and your status – whether you are free for an affair, or already engaged in a relationship or that you are not interested in love on at all.
Red with hearts or cupid arrows – Red is the colour of energy, liveliness, love and passion. It communicates your passion towards your beloved and towards love itself.

Pink with floral prints or little hearts – Pink is an expression of freshness, love, affection and understanding. It can be the ideal choice for Valentine’s day and will subtly help bring to surface the love for your partner. It can also infuse an all new angle with subtle embroidery.

Orange – This colour of energy also showcases creativity and practicality. It denotes happiness and can pep up your moods when your spirits are low. It also means that you are waiting for the right person.

Yellow with white doves – This is a sure sign that you are ready to befriend someone. It signifies inspiration, spontaneity, communication and novelty. This colour’s liveliness and vitality encourages conversation. A yellow dress for a pretty lady will do wonders on Valnetine’s Day.

Green with a hint of small prints – This suggests benevolence, observance and caution. Though a bit cautious in every approach in life and relationships, it induces understanding which is one of the most important requirements in a partnership. Dark green shirt for a man and lighter shades of green for women’s outfit will make attractive Valentine Day’s attires.

Purple – This colour denotes intuition. And don’t we all know that intuitions play a major role in romance. This in turn can induce passion. Grapes are always associated with love and wine is a chosen gift for loved ones. Purple is purely feminine and a light purple or mauve outfit with a little embroidery will make heads turn.

White – either plain or with prints means Kindly leave me alone. The colour of purity also denotes an off-handed behaviour on this particular day. White roses thus mean ‘our love is pure’. Both genders can choose a white outfit on 14th Feb to let the world know their intentions.

So, ladies and gentlemen, choose your designs and colours with care this Valentine’s.​