The thing is, taking a decent selfie is hard since you’re the person in front of and “behind” the camera! If you’d like to learn to take better pictures of yourself while looking totally fabulous, take note of these helpful tips on taking good selfies that you’ll be happy to show off!

Fantastic tips on taking good selfies you’ll be super proud of:

Check yourself out –
Tips on taking good selfies must include giving yourself a once-over before you take the pic! Check your hair and make-up and of course that killer smile!

Lighten up –
When you’re taking a selfie, or any photo for that matter, you have to have good lighting! Sure, you can strategically hide a blemish with a shadow, but don’t choose lighting that’s too harsh or too dark.

Background check –
Another important element in taking pictures is to pick a good, clear background. Always check your surroundings so you have a clear background that lends itself well to an impromptu photo session.

Be still –
An obvious but challenging tip to execute is to be still when you take your photos. It takes practice, but it is possible to take clear, non-wobbly pics! Take a deep breath, try to relax and hold your pose!

Be confident –
No need to be shy when you’re taking a selfie, go all out! Nobody is watching you trying to take silly or sexy photos, so work it! Be confident and have fun, it’ll show in the photo and you’ll have tons of fun taking the pictures when you’re being yourself and letting loose.

Edit –

When taking the pics, there’s nothing wrong with editing them! Use a filter for a cool vintage feel, crop out some of the photo that you don’t like or create a fun collage! And of course you can use a filter to give yourself a glow or blur out blemishes!

Consider the angle –

A lot of people do not consider the angle of the picture when they are taking their own selfies; don’t be that person! Some people look great when they hold the phone up and angle their face upward — think about it! Switch it up and find your best side and your best angle. Don’t be scared to try something different!

So, are you ready to start taking some sensational selfies? The most important part of taking a selfie is have fun and be yourself! Get set for some light, camera and action!!!​​