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Behind & Beyond the needle point

At Orient Craft, we believe in not only giving back to the society but also in reaching out and uplifting its socio-economic status. We value skill development of the local rural youth, we nurture talent and execute sustainable programs as part of our CSR endeavours.


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Our initiatives

Worker Welfare


Monetary Schemes:
– Employee Referral Scheme
– Attendance Incentive Scheme
– Production Incentive Scheme
– Skill-set/Critical Tailor Incentive Scheme

– Sponsoring education for children of employees
– Adoption of local schools
– Distribution of uniforms, books, shoes, etc. at various schools

– 24X7 medical facility at all units
– Sponsoring medical aids for critically diseased employees or their family member

– Jobs for the physically challenged
– Monetary support for weddings
– Cycle Distribution as per company policy & Haryana Labour Welfare Board
– Adhaar Card (Identity Card) facility

Some of the OC policies for Workers are:
– Non-discriminatory employment opportunities
– Child-Scholarship
– We also adhere to policies listed under the Haryana Labour Welfare Board (HLWB) such as cycle distribution, Kanyadan & financial help to widows. While the Government extends these benefits, it is very difficult and becomes impossible for wage earners to reap its benefits due to long paper-work, complexities & extra time needed to execute. At Orient Craft, we have a special provision to help workers receive these benefits

Women Empowerment

Untitled-1ensured through various modes at OC:

Job opportunities for the local women

– Transferable jobs (within the family)
– Jobs for the physically challenged women
– Safe transportation facilities
– Regular health check ups
– Regular on-job trainings

Our focus is to reach out, train, uplift and empower women. A female domestic help, performing menial jobs, living in poor conditions, earns merely $12-15 per month. On the other hand Orient Craft reached out to train & enhance skills of these women and enable them to earn $150-200 per month.

Local Vendor Development


Orient Craft decided to build a factory unit in an economically backward zone of Rajasthan. The village Chopanki, housed people with mostly agricultural backgrounds. The villagers had no exposure to amenities like school, hospital or even proper living conditions.
However, the face of the village began to change for the better with Orient Craft’s investment into building its 1st Green Factory, a state-of-art, customer’s delight unit in the neighborhood of the villagers.
Jobs like construction, carpentry, painting, transportation, etc were given to the local community members.
This movement helped many local vendors sustain their livelihoods as agriculture alone was not able to. As they got these opportunities from Orient Craft, their income increased and they began to expand their businesses.
Today many of these vendors have transformed into registered small scale businesses and work for many other organizations in Rajasthan. In the last 5 years, local vendors have been provided business worth -~88,000 USD by Orient Craft.


Skill Development

Untitled-152 economic stability; Increased skill = Increased income. At OC, special attention is given to skill enhancement through on job trainings & our centre of excellence – OCFIT (Orient Craft Fashion Institute of Technology)

At OCFIT, we aim to:

– Provide a wide range of programs and training based on the market requirement
– Impart education through hi-tech software and machinery to enable students to use cutting-edge technology at work
– Offer financial assistance and job opportunities
– Invite superior faculty to train our students
– Apart from training the local rural youth at OCFIT (Orient Craft Fashion Institute of Technology), we conduct training sessions at our factory level training centers. These trainings are provided to workers who come with little or no skills at all.

Health & Education


The OC School Library Project & the OC Mobile Medicare Unit are the two programs focused at creating a positive impact on “health & education” with communities.

The School Library Project was launched as part of the International Literacy Day 2014 celebrations. OC helped 6 Government Schools, establish Libraries/ reading rooms.

Reading books, training material & reading sessions have been arranged through Scholastic India. We aim to provide children with reading and learning opportunities that will cultivate their minds to the utmost capacity and enrich their lives.

The Mobile Medicare Unit, is an initiative in collaboration with HelpAge India – aiming to provide basic medical aid to the local communities at their doorstep.

The mobile health services are designed to provide free, quick & effective healthcare in rural areas. The on-site services include doctor consultation, diagnostics, medicines, home visits for bedridden patients and linkage to local hospitals for critical cases.

Grievance Reporting Desk

oc_csr-hse_greivance-reporting-desk_3production floors, across all units.

This ensures smooth operations as the welfare officers are easily approachable in case of any grievance. They work on a quick response & rectification process in order to maintain worker’s satisfaction at all times

The officers also execute various micro-interventions, programs and initiatives to engage with the workers regularly such as training sessions, awareness programs etc to help them increase their earnings




1.    IGBC Green Building Certificate in the year 2011 (Chopanki Unit, Bhiwadi)
2.    ECO Factory Accreditation under the ECO Factory Review by Marks & Spencers (Chopanki Unit, Bhiwadi)
3.    ISO 9001:2008 from UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) (7D Unit, Gurgaon & Chopanki Unit, Bhiwadi)
4.    ISO 14001:2004 Certification (7D, 7A Units, Gurgaon & Chopanki Unit, Bhiwadi)
5.    C-100 (Factory Energy Reduction Program) (7D Unit, Gurgaon)
6.    GSV (Global Security Verification) Certificate by ITS (Denim Unit, Manesar & 7D Unit, Gurgaon)
7.    Effective Worker Management Gold Standard 2012-13 by M&S & CRB (7D Unit, Gurgaon)




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Health, safety & environment

HSE is a way of working at Orient Craft. We adhere to the Industrial HSE norms & instil the same in our staff by communicating with them regularly about the same. The safety and compliance teams conduct periodic audits, execute workshops and training to reach out to the staff.

Orient Craft is committed & focuses to protect the health and safety of every individual involved in its operations. Through mandatory compliances & regular communication, we ensure we meet international standards in this regard. In addition, we are also committed to protecting the sustainability of the environment in which we operate.



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