Believe it or not, spring is nearly here and then it’ll be time to start thinking about the warm summer months ahead, so high time for you women to consider your wardrobe. Thankfully, many of the trends that were in style for spring are still going to be in full force through the fall — all it takes is a little modifying.
The key trends for spring/summer are oh-so-easy to wear from, well, from right now – and we’re here to help show you how.
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The fashion weeks of S/S 2015 saw a large number of designers focusing on adding sporty touches to women’s dresses, from heeled sports shoes and embellished jerseys to varsity jackets and sports bras being paired with delicate and flirty outfits. Yes, the sporty style is no longer limited to the playground or your gym.
It is also just the right time to raid and style opposite ends of your wardrobe. Varsity jackets are no longer limited to just jocks. These stylish jackets are gaining momentum among trendsetters who want to add an edge to their outfit. Mix and match delicate pieces like a lace dress with a varsity jacket for that super-cool look.

For girls who usually run away from anything with buttons down the front – try a No Peep shirt, ideal for curvy women.
sheer top
For the adventurous and sassy girl, you could rock the bustier trend with three different looks. For a casual look, just don it under a plain white shirt. Loosen up the first three buttons & pair it with skinny jeans. A formal look would entail you to pair your bustier with a formal pantsuit. To party hard and look the part, you could wear a sheer top over a bustier and head out for a girl’s night out.

If you haven’t got too much moolah to splash out on designer dresses, there are plenty of gorgeous alternatives available on the high street right now.

All you need is design intelligence and the guts to follow your fashion instincts. Much like Mr. Sudhir Dhingra, the founder of Orient Craft, a leading Indian garment manufacturing company. He puts it very simply when he says, “A passion for fashion leads us to be ahead of the curve, each year, every year.”

And with government initiatives and Make in India plans, the fashion designing industry also promises to offer myriad new opportunities for current players and would-be entrepreneurs.